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Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you asap!  I try my best to respond quickly so if you haven't heard back from me in a couple days check your junk mail folder! 

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A Brief Bio

Janice Stouffer has been making art her entire life. She is a self taught artist that started by doodling on her childhood furniture (yikes!) and then eventually found a home in the fine art world, oil painting. Janice's earlier work often showed her love of the human form and was once described to her as “It’s like I’m looking at realism in my dreams”. These works were displayed at several shows around Toronto before she paused to start a family. Her more recent work has morphed into a sort of realistic children’s illustration type thing; maybe from all the 2yr old's drawing requests (not sure!?)…. In March 2020, just as a global pandemic was starting, Janice’s career was highlighted by the release of her first children’s book “Little Boys Like Pink Too” which she wrote and illustrated.  Since then, Janice has co-written and illustrated a second book "Mighty Mabel Macklemay" which was released in ebook format in fall 2021.

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